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The Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group is currently inactive. During 2014 the Co-ordinating Editors of the Group, George Rutherford and Nandi Siegfried, determined that the Group was financially unsustainable given the inability to secure funding for infrastructure support, and as of February 2015 the editorial office is no longer operational.

For more information or for editorial questions please contact the Cochrane Editorial Unit (ceu@cochrane.org).

The Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group will be taking responsibility for the HIV/AIDS Group’s work.

The Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group was based at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in San Francisco, with a satellite editorial base in Cape Town at the South African Cochrane Centre, and with affiliations with the International AIDS Society, UCSF Global Health Sciences, and the UCSF AIDS Research Institute, bringing together an international network of health care professionals, researchers, and consumers working to prepare, maintain, and disseminate systematic reviews on the prevention and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.


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